Practices And Products That Promote A Better You

The summer season reminds us of what we love, and what we would love to change, about our bodies.  We long for care free days lying on the beach or by the pool in our favorite swim suits without the anxiety of how we think we look.  Finding a balance that helps reduce stress and increase our metabolism may be the best way to become both mentally and physically our best self.

Today, there can be information overload when it comes to researching weight loss and energy boosting.  The very search for products and services can cause stress, which has been proven to wreak havoc on your metabolism.  Stress causes our brains to produce cortisol, a hormone that can increase appetite, affect our heart health, and increase cravings for junk food.  All of these effects of cortisol make it easier to build up belly fat.

Reducing stress and actively relaxing the mind can have positive health benefits for the body, including the loss of unwanted weight.  For decades customers have relied on the services of spas to provide much needed stress relief alternatives.  Spas offer programs and products that promote both the mental and physical wellbeing, reducing stress and aiding in weight loss.

A popular product that is offered at select spas is the Far-infrared, or radiant heat, sauna therapy.  Far-infrared therapy heats the body from the inside out, not the outside in like a traditional sauna.  This raises the body’s core temperature faster than exercise, produces a deeper sweat, and uses less of the body’s energy.

Our environment is becoming more toxic every day and it is difficult to avoid the pollutants that surround us.  While promoting weight loss, the Far-infrared sauna therapy also aids in the body’s natural detoxification process by opening the pores. Eliminating toxins from the body not only aids in shedding pounds, it also helps reduce stress as health is restored. 

While you add relaxing techniques and spa treatments to your summer routine, don’t forget to overlook an often-underappreciated health promoting habit, staying hydrated.

Studies have shown that drinking eight cups of water may help burn up to 100 extra calories per day.  While that number may not sound impressive, compounded daily for a month could prove to be 2,800 calories burned.  Drinking water not only encourages the pounds to drop, it increases metabolism and hydrates the body which allows it to perform at it’s best. 

A body, performing at it’s best, reduces stress and increases our overall wellbeing.  Find what works best for your body, whether it’s the use of select spa products such as Far-infrared sauna therapy or practicing mindful de-stressing techniques.  Create healthy habits that will allow you to look and feel your best, in summertime and all the time.